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Scholarships for student nurses

We are willing to provide financial assistance by way of a scholarship to support mature students (25 years and over) living in the Guildford and surrounding areas who want to study Adult, Mental Health or Children's Nursing or Midwifery at the University of Surrey. The Scholarship is worth £3,000 each year of study up to a total of £9,000. All applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Mature students (25 years and over)
  • Applying to study on one of the following courses at the University of Surrey:
    • Nursing Studies (Registered Nurse Mental Health Nursing) BSc (Hons)
    • Nursing Studies (Registered Nurse Adult Nursing) BSc (Hons)
    • Nursing Studies (Registered Nurse Children's Nursing) BSc (Hons)
    • Midwifery (Registered Midwife) BSc (Hons)
    • PGDip Nursing Studies (Registered Nurse - Adult Nursing)
    • PGDip Nursing Studies (Registered Nurse - Mental Health)
  • Been living in the Guildford and surrounding areas for at least three years
  • Require financial assistance to be able to pursue a career in nursing

Applications are invited for September 2024


Why the Ted Adams Scholarship is amazing in the words of a Ted Adams Scholarship recipient

As I come to end of my three year midwifery degree, and prepare for life as a registered midwife, I have spent a lot of time reflecting on the kindness of donors to this charity which recognises the benefit of supporting mature students such as myself, and how it has affected me during the past three years.

I was lucky enough to hear about the scholarship via a neighbour and I am very pleased that I did, I had no idea that scholarships existed! It was a wonderful relief to be awarded the scholarship, to take some pressure off our stretched family finances in order to allow my three years out of a return to potential paid work.

The journey has been like nothing else; incredible highs such as delivering my first baby, witnessing a breech delivery, providing care to women in vulnerable circumstances such as those seeking asylum or young or single. There have also been moments which have tested my own patience and emotional resilience; encountering the injustice of some complex patient social situations, a lack of NHS resources and sometimes sheer exhaustion of full on shift work. In these moments, I have been supported by my incredible encouraging husband and support network of my family and friends, without whom this course would not have been possible. My husband has been working full time to support me in this venture, solely providing for me and our three small children whilst also providing wrap-around childcare.

To be able to contribute towards our living costs via the scholarship fund has been an absolute blessing. In my initial years it helped me fund childcare; a huge and necessary cost in order to be able to work full time and study full time. It allowed me to buy a bike so I could commute efficiently to and from university and my hospital trust. It has allowed some breathing space for treats such as taking the children to Legoland; a very welcome way to spend special time with my children with the long hours spent away on placement.

With the current cost of living, and lack of substantial Government / NHS bursary, the scholarship has provided me with a lifeline to be able to continue to be able to afford to study and I hope that in the future it continues to provide potential students with the funding they also need to help drive their decision to study to become a registered nurse or midwife.

Thank you to the Ted Adams Trust!

Jenny Shipp Ted Adams Scholarship recipient


Scholarship winner

The first completing scholar - Jenni Shipp - with two Trustees

Application Process

Please complete the attached application form, which will be considered along with the standard University application form. All applications will be reviewed by the relevant academic staff with involvement from Ted Adams Trust before a decision is made on who to award the scholarship(s) to.

Successful applicants will be notified by the end of June of the year they are applying for, with the first scholarship payment being received in their first semester (October) subject to them being accepted onto the course, registering and starting the course.

Feedback from the applicant on the outcomes and benefits of the scholarship is appreciated.

The completed application should be e-mailed to by the 31st March 2024.