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Ted Adams, who was at the time editor of the Surrey Advertiser newspaper, launched a successful Public Appeal in 1979 for funds to replace the premises of the Royal Surrey School of Nursing in Guildford. Following changes in Nurse Education in the 1980s, the school became part of the Frances Harrison College of Nursing in 1989 and of the University of Surrey in 1995.

The original proposal no longer being appropriate, the Charity Commissioners agreed to the funds being used for the provision of student nurse accommodation in Guildford. Consequently Ted Adams House, providing residential accommodation for pre-registration students of nursing and midwifery in the Guildford area, was financed by the Appeal, built in cooperation with West Surrey Health Authority, and opened in 1997, providing 36 study bedrooms.

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The Trustees continue to manage Ted Adams House for the benefit of student nurses and midwives, and also provide financial assistance for nurse and midwife education in the Guildford area.